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Probate and Practice Procedures

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Probate is the judicial process by which the assets of a deceased person's estate are transferred or distributed to his or her heirs or beneficiaries as stated in his/her will or by the laws of intestate. There is a procedure which needs to be followed and we are here to help navigate your way through the process. With our assistance, you can avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings which may occur. Additionally, we will prepare and file all of the necessary paperwork with your assistance.

The first stage of the probate process is getting the appointment of a Personal Representative so that administration of the estate can occur. The Personal Representative is responsible for handling the affairs of the estate and ultimately distributing the assets of the estate pursuant to the terms set forth in the decedent's Will. There are certain documents which need to be filed and with our assistance can be done with ease. The length of this process can vary and may depend on the assets of the estate. When all of the assets have been distributed and the Personal Representative has performed all of their duties, the Personal Representative is discharged from his/her duties and the estate is closed. Because probate can be a complicated process, it is best to consult legal counsel early in the process.
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